TrekNature is an online community of nature photographers from around the world. Users can post their photos to the galleries (organized by continent, then country) and receive feedback. There are also forums where users can exchange tips and techniques, and members can post photos for comments and critique before uploading to the gallery. TrekNature is a truly global internet community; it has 15,567 members from 159 countries according to its “Members” page. If the ads and layout on TrekNature bother you, check out TrekEarth, its parent website which has a slightly neater layout and photographs that capture world cultures as well as natural life.

“In Divine Trance” by Franco Joseph, taken in Chennai, India

Pointers from Michigan is a website for beginners at photography with a focus on the wildlife in the state of Michigan. Beneath each photo in the gallery is a tip about photography or a blurb about some of the biology involved in the photograph. Brian, the website’s owner and photographer, also writes a separate “Photo Tips” page which offers advice on managing digital photographs.

My favorite shot is of the Jack in the Pulpit (36/36 on Photo Page 3). Brian comments “I am finding it difficult to get a good photo of this plant. Not sure why. I’ll definitely keep trying.” I’ll agree with Brian here; good advice!


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