Goodbye 7D, Hello 1Dmk3 (Connor Stefanison)

Back in October I made a post about my newly purchased Canon 7D. With all the great features it had, I was super stoked to have gotten it. The 7D is one of the nicest cameras I’ve used. The video’s great, buttons are big enough for gloves, quick AF, 100% vf, 8 fps! How could you go wrong?

The answer is SHARPNESS. (pretty much the most important thing).
Since I bought the camera I’ve been unable to get tack sharp shots. I always used a tripod, Canon L-lenses, high shutter speeds, “sharp” f-stops, and I tried multiple test shots on every AF microadjustment. It was getting pretty frustrating going on shoots and getting some of my best shots, but not being able to use them because the shots are so soft. All my shots on my website with the 7D may look somewhat sharp, but that’s because they’re over-sharpened.
I then googled some 7D reviews, and found that lots of people were finding the same thing.
I found this article by Darwin Wigget, For those of you that don’t know, Darwin isn’t some random guy. He’s quite an accomplished photographer, and even had one of his landscapes in last years Natures Best. After reading this review and agreeing with it completely (I too find that my canon rebel takes way sharper shots), I decided it was time to ditch the 7D. So I basically traded it for a Canon 1D mark 3 about a week ago.
The 1D is great, the low-res shots above are from my first shoot with it today at Burnaby Lake.
Now, some people do say they like their 7D bodies, so don’t just take my word for it. Some may be good, but I believe that mine and the three that Darwin tested were either “duds’ or whatever. Overall, the 7D is a fantastic camera, but a failure for image quality, (In my opinion). So if you’re planning on buying one, I suggest trying it out first and seeing how the shots are before purchase.
Have a good one,
Connor Stefanison

2 Responses

  1. Hmmmm… I think you are probably an accomplished photographer so you probably know this. But you say that you shoot in high ISO. That could be the problem. If you increase your ISO, the more noise enters your photos. Just food for thought!!

  2. I shoot a mix of high and low ISO's depending on the lighting. Both weren't very good for sharpness. but the 7D has great noise. very low noise even at 1000 iso

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