Introduction and Sanderling Image (Jodie Randall)

Hello, my name is Jodie Randall. I am nineteen years old and live in the South East of England. I started photography seriously at the age of fifteen and am now pursuing a career as a freelance wildlife photographer. The majority of my images are taken in the South East, where I am fortunate enough to live near quite a few nature reserves. I enjoy photographing mammals and plant life, though birds and insects are particular favourites of mine.

In November 2008 I travelled to the coast to photograph wading birds. It was very cold and even started to snow at one point (something that doesn’t happen very often in England!) I was attempting to photograph Sanderlings. They feed on the edge of the tide and run to and fro like clock-work toys as the waves come in and then recede again. Sanderlings hardly ever stand still, so I was having to wait at the edge of the waves to photograph them running backwards and forwards, hoping that I wouldn’t get wet feet – I did. I was looking through my camera concentrating on the Sanderlings when a massive wave sent water pouring into my boot. Not ideal on a cold November day!

More of my images can be viewed on my website which is regularly updated.

– Jodie

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