Dingman’s Creek, Pennsylvania (Alex Mody)

Back in early Spring, I spent two days photographing the many waterfalls and stream scenes of the Delaware Water Gap NRA. Spring is often a good time of year to photograph scenes with water features. They seem to be flowing highest that time of year.

This photograph in particular was taken just upstream of Deer Leap Falls in George Childs Park, just outside of the NRA. When photographing scenes like this, overcast or soft light is often ideal. A polarizing filter also helps immeasurably with removing glare from the wet rocks and allowing for use of a longer shutter speed. I used a shutter speed of three seconds, to show the motion in the water while still preserving a bit of detail. It’s important to experiment with shutter speed, especially when shooting a scene with moving water. For some subjects, you may find that you like the way a half second exposure looks, but for others, you may prefer fifteen seconds. It’s really up to you.

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