Wildlife Photography with a Different Point of View

Hey everyone, I just wanted to tell you about this wildlife photography website that I found. The URL is http://isakpretorius.com/index.htm. Isak Pretorius is a photographer from South Africa, who tries to portray animals in a different view. His pictures truly live up to his purpose for photography. One of my favorite pictures in his  “latest image” gallery is a picture of the tortoise. The tortoise is curled up in its shell. The tortoise is not completely center but clearly the subject of the photo. The point of view really brings the viewer down to the eye level of the tortoise. Also, the fact that the tortoise is neither completely in nor out of its shell creates a sense of freshness in comparison to the countless other pictures of tortoises in or out of their shells. In general, Isak Pretorius casts the characteristic animals into a new light.


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