NBPS Flickr Contest (Photo by Kento Mizuno)

So I am aware that we have featured Kento Misuno’s work on the blog in the recent past but I felt the need to make a posting regarding this image by Kento.  As soon as the I saw the image “Monkey Hand” in the collection of newly updated NBPS Flickr Contest photos, it immediately spoke to me in a profound way.  It got me to question some very difficult thoughts.  The mood being set with the image’s deep contrast is very dark and disheartening. I wondered what the status of this creature is now.  Was it being held in poor conditions?  These thoughts came to me only because the deep contrast, black and white, and minimal depth of field created the mood.  So much of the mood in an image can be manipulated just by how the image is composed.  What kinds of moods have you created in your own work and how did those images reflect that mood?  I challenge any reader to post some of your own images to the NBPS Flicker Contest site!

Have a great weekend!


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