More on NANPA Summit (Nathanael Gass)

I’m a little busy, but I have a little time to detail more on my trip.
Sunday, Feb. 15: I get on a plane and leave for Albuquerque. It was my first time on a plane, and it was pretty fun! About 2 hours after we ( me and the other students )were all together, we were talking like old friends. Then, we got to use Canon 50D’s. We had a whole bunch of lenses to use, and it was AWESOME!
Monday, Feb. 16: We spent the first part of the morning at the student room, learning more about each other, the instructors, and our cameras. We met George Lepp, who was one of our photo instructors. We then went to Bosque del Apache, where we met Darrell Gulin. He is an amazing photographer, and a past president of NANPA. Check out his website at You may recognize some of the images from many places. At Bosque, we photographed snow geese, killdeer, and sandhill cranes.
Tuesday, Feb. 17. We photograph at Bosque again, and then at Kasha Katuwe. Here is an image from Bosque. The image shown isn’t even processed yet. I’ll up the saturation and make it like I saw it that morning.

Metadata: Canon 50D with 100-400mm lens, tripod, wiberely head, ISO 800, 1/15th of a second at f/11.

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